‘Ace’ Features

Easy to use, interactive and engaging user interface
3 different levels (easy, medium and nightmare!)
Each level has 10 video sequences with multiple choice questions
Hints and tips to help you as you progress through the interview
End of interview feeback (how well did you do?)

Job interviews can be nerve-racking. Many of us will have been through the process and felt that we didn’t do ourselves justice. Sometimes the most obvious question such as ‘Why do you want this job?’ can leave us stumped. However a little preparation can go a long way.


What’s Ace About It?

Ace Interview is a useful and engaging tool which simulates the real world interview. Designed for those with work experience and those looking to re-enter the job market, there is a choice of three levels (easy, medium and nightmare!)

By navigating each level, users can learn how to respond to some of the typical questions asked in job interviews. Audio tips at each step help users to avoid some common mistakes.

Ace Interview can help you get that job you always wanted!